Starting Business Online by Working from homeStarting Business Online by Working at Home

Start Up

Now that the brainstorming process is complete, it's time to get the ball rolling and bring you one step closer to accomplishing all of your goals. Remember things don't happen overnight. No one has ever gotten anywhere from quitting, so stick with things, post in our forum, gather ideas, get encouragement and input from our other members, and most importantly, do not give up. This step will require you to make a few small purchases. It won't cost you an arm and a leg and every reward involves a risk. Remember, nothing in life is free, and if you expect that, then you aren't being realistic. All of your initial expenses will benefit you in the end. It is very important that all new business expenses are kept separate from your personal finances. That means, at the very least, a separate credit card, and if you will be taking orders, setup a separate bank account. Separating business expenses from your personal expenses will do two things: first, it will help you at tax time, and second, it will help your business establish credit.

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