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Search Engine Registration

Promoting your web site is very crucial to the success of your business. If no one knows your web site is on the Internet, how will they come? As soon as your web site is presentable, meaning it has enough content where a surfer would be able to look around and see what your site is about, you should start promoting your site. Make sure you've got the appropriate meta tags on each of your web pages.

Here are free places to submit your website to today:


Yahoo/Altavista/All the Web


The sooner the better because it may take several months for your web site to be included in the popular search engines. You might also send out your web address on all of your email messages. If you post to messageboards or discussion groups you might also attach your web address.

It's not a good idea to spam messageboards with useless messages announcing your website. You will get flamed and this ruins your creditability. Promote your site the right way. If there is a comment that you want to make on someone's post it is probably ok to post your url in your signature. Read the messageboard guidelines to see if posting your url in your signature is acceptable.

Paid search engine submission is the way to make sure your web pages get indexed in the search engines and you don't have to wait months to do this.

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