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Website scripts can enhance your web pages to make them more interesting for your visitors.

A script contains instructions for a computer. It tells the computer how to behave and what to do. For example a basic script would be to change the window status when you hold your mouse over a link.

There are javascripts, cgi-scripts, perl scripts, php scripts to name a few. A beginner would first use a javascript. JavaScripts are very easy to use. You insert the code into your web pages. They can really make your pages more interactive. You can add games and survey's and all sorts of things with javascripts. Once you get more advanced you would move on to php, cgi and perl scripts. CGI scripts are written in the Perl programming language. PHP scripts are good for messageboards, postcard scripts, search engines, guestbooks and items like that. There are many places on the internet where you can get free scripts to enhance your webpages. Following are are top picks in script archives: free cgi script archive - Collection of original free CGI perl scripts.
CGI Archives - Categorized collection free CGI Perl scripts and resources. Downloads and online demos
Free-Scripts.Net - Chat room, form processor, and guestbook.
Hot Scripts - Extensive collection of ASP, Perl, PHP, C/C++, JavaScript, XML, and other CGI scripts and resources.
Matt's Script Archive - This site includes 20+ useful free Perl scripts for most basic tasks. One of the most popular resources.


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