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A Professional`s Mind Set To Making It Online
by Karl Augustine

Does the seasoned professional have a "leg up" on the rest of us?

Not necessarily. People who have had distinguished professional careers in other businesses may have a distinct advantage over the masses if they are common sense smart, but they certainly don`t get an automatic ticket to riches online.

There are lots of people who have made solid incomes online who never graduated college or had a true `white collar` position in the corporate world.

Remember, it is absolutely true when "they" say that the online mind set needed for success is unique.

Online marketing differs from any other type of marketing and demands a simplistic and tacticalprocess in order to produce results.

For the seasoned professional (Pro), this can be a challenging quandary.

Because people who are educated or have already had profitable careers in other vertical markets

are often blinded by their success. Professionals who have had successful careers elsewhere

(not online) tend to have a certain stubbornness to them making it
difficult to actually "unlearn"

some of the things they know and learn what they really need to learn in
order to make it online.

Stubbornness will certainly slow down a professionals success track and
can severely

damage optimism. While the seasoned professional is smart and
experienced, if that professional

isn`t seasoned and experienced in the online world, it won`t
matter...they will still have to learn how

things work on the Internet.

Quite simply, if a person hasn`t had a successful online business, they
are a newbie, regardless of

their past history. Sure, people that are ex-professionals might have
the smarts to leap

ahead of the rest of the pack if they have similar or transferable
experience, but if they don`t

concentrate on basics, they can fail just as easily as someone
uneducated or inexperienced in any type

of career.

In order for seasoned Pros to be successful online, they have to reflect
on their past building blocks

that made them successful in their chosen profession and remember that
any success is built around


Acknowledging that the online world is different than any other, and
recognizing that certain basic

steps need to be taken, are 2 vital concepts that must be engrained into
a professionals mind set

for starting and succeeding in an online business.

Once these 2 steps are taken, the seasoned professional can accomplish
just about anything

online. It is as simple as mixing creativity and common sense with
desire and perseverance. A major

part of `common sense` is listening to the experts and remaining neutral
when assessing any concept

or idea.

For an educated person, reading seemingly basic online concepts can be
rudimentary at best. For the

educated person or Pro, it`s easy to think "This is too easy, what makes
this person different than me,

this is simple!". Be smart, consider the source. If the concept, idea,
or product is from a true

expert, (someone who has really made hundreds of thousands of dollars
online) the difference between

that person and the professional is that the expert has actually done
it, not planned to do it, or

theorized about it! It`s easy to be critical of others and not focus on
your own plan...a Pro, like

the rest of us, should never underestimate anyone who has made a great
deal of money online, it`s quite an


For the professional, the mind set needed to be successful online has to
be one of respect. The Pro

has to be smart enough to know that the online business can be very
basic, but a well laid out

plan is really all it takes. That plan, of course, includes following
the experts, keeping it simple,

and taking action.

The professional should welcome being presented with information and
products distributed by the

experts and should take each powerful concept to heart no matter how
basic they may seem. The Pro

should avoid getting blinded by all the hype in any marketing campaign
and realize that the

"sales-like" tone is there for a reason, to appeal to the masses.

Almost anything online has some level of `pushy` content...for the
professional, this can be a

serious turn off. The experienced person should read between the lines
and look at the concept or

product for the value it brings, and focus on benefits, not features or
`estimated` savings

or results.

Professionals who start an online business have an immediate crossroads
if they have an arrogance

about them or believe they can transfer all their past experience to
their online business.

Yes, lots of skills the Pro accumulated during their past career will be
useful, but the most

meaningful skills need to be learned if the Pro hasn`t successfully
owned an online business.

Just because someone knows Calculus, has an MBA or has climbed the
corporate ladder, doesn`t mean they

automatically can be successful online. Traditional education doesn`t
automatically mean success unless that

education is "Online Marketing Education"...and, for most of us, the
only way to get that education

is to learn from people who have done it before.

Be humble, work smart, keep it simple.

Karl Augustine
"The Regular Guy"

(c) Karl Augustine
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