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Google PageRank
What Is It and How do I Get a Higher Ranking?
by: Jim Wilking

Page rank is the number assigned to your site or any site listed on the Google search engine. Google looks at all the sites linking to your site and tallies those links as votes for your site, thus creating your page rank.

But don't just think you can get links from wherever, because the quality of the links do matter. Google analyzes the page that is linking to you. It looks at the credibility of the site that links to you in the same way that you would analyze another person creditability in real life. If the site that links to you is a site that is known to be discredible, then the pages link isn't worth much.

On the other hand, if a site is highly credible and links to your site, it will help to make your page more "important". Getting linked to by sites that are deemed "important" by Google will raise your page rank.

Important sites that link to you will not always increase your page rank either though. Google combines the page rank of a site with secret text matching techniques to make sure that pages that link to you are relevant to your site. For example: if your site has to do with Internet marketing and you link to a highly ranking site about dog training, it won't do much to raise your page rank, and it might actually hurt your page rank.

Google states that it looks far beyond just that. Google says that they look at all aspects of a pages content and the content of the pages linking to them to see if any given page is a good match.

So what's the bottom line. When trying to increase your page rank take into consideration the quality of the pages that you link to and that link to you. You don't have to be super strict - analyzing every detail of a potential link, just take it into consideration.


This article written by Jim Wilking of Jim's site is dedicated to informing everybody about marketing and selling on the Internet.

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