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Domain Name Registration

Simply put, you register for a domain name and it allows surfers to find your site on the Internet.

A domain name can be .com, .org, .net, .ws, .tv, .cc

.com name refers to a company's web site
.org refers to an organizations web site
Net refers to a network
Ws is an excellent alternative to the popular .com web site
TV refers to a rich media, streaming video web site
Cc refers to a country code web site

There are fully qualified domain names and subdomain names. A fully qualified domain name is a name you paid for and registered. A sub domain is a domain name you did not register. For example, a fully qualified domain name would be and a sub domain would be a Geocities, Tripod, or Hypermart web site.

Every real business has their own fully qualified domain name. How can you expect customers to buy products and services from you if you don't even have your own domain name? When picking a domain name pick something short and to the point, and something easy for your customers to remember.

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